3 Proven Pet Odor Cleaning Tips

Aug 18, 2021 | Pet Urine Removal Treatment

3 proven pet odor cleaning tips

Our pets are a part of the family. Even when they make messes, it’s understandable that accidents happen—and Chem-Dry can help with pet odor cleaning in Dayton

We make eliminating pet stains and odors easy with our professional cleaning method, plus these tips for removing pet stains from your carpet between our visits. 

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Making your own cleaning solution can be cost-effective, plus a natural, safe option. Before using any of the following methods, test a small area of your carpet first. Also be sure to use a small amount of cleaning solution at a time and rinse the area when finished to ensure residue isn’t left behind on your carpet. 

Baking Soda And Vinegar. Cover the stain with white vinegar, then sprinkle baking soda on top. Cover the area, let it sit for a day or two, then scoop up any remaining powder and rinse and dry the area. 

Dishwashing Detergent. Combine ¼ teaspoon dishwashing detergent in one cup of warm water. Spray the stain and repeat as needed until the stain is gone. 

Ammonia. Mix one cup of water with two tablespoons of ammonia. Treat the stain and repeat as needed, then rinse and dry to finish. 

Hydrogen Peroxide. Combine four tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and a couple of drops of dish soap with two tablespoons of warm water. Let the solution sit on the stain for about ten minutes, repeat as necessary, then rinse and dry the area.

Store-Bought Cleaners 

You can also use a store bought stain remover. Just make sure it’s non-toxic and safe for use around pets. Some of our favorites are OxiClean, Resolve, or Spot Shot. Use a small amount of cleaner at a time, and once the stain is gone, rinse with cool water then dry with a soft towel. 

Professional Pet Odor Cleaning 

Removing pet stains and odors is an ongoing task that doesn’t always work long term with DIY methods. Definitely don’t stop spot cleaning, but also keep in mind that professional pet odor cleaning in Dayton is essential. 

Chem-Dry blasts away potent odor crystals left behind when pet urine dries. We’re able to get rid of pet odors for good, and also make your home a cleaner, safer place to be. 

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