5 Benefits Of Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

May 20, 2022 | Upholstery Cleaning


5 Benefits Of Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning Vs. DIY Methods

As the leader for furniture cleaning in Battle Ground, it’s our job to help make your home or business cleaner and happier with the best services on the market.

There are some cleaning tasks that only require a good do-it-yourself job. However, there are others that periodically need a deep clean that only professional equipment and methods can provide. So before you leave furniture cleaning in Battle Ground to yourself, consider these unique benefits Chem-Dry can offer for the cleaning routine in your space. 

#1 – Chem-Dry protects furniture from stains. 

We, of course, can remove even the toughest stains from upholstery. But in addition, we also add our proprietary protectant that adds a shielding barrier over each fiber—helping them repel liquid, dirt, and stains in the future. 

#2 – Chem-Dry removes dust and allergens from furniture. 

Chem-Dry fights more than what meets the eye. In fact, our furniture cleaning in Battle Ground knocks out dust and allergens, too. 

#3 – Chem-Dry doesn’t leave behind dirt-attracting residue.  

Most professional furniture cleaners and do-it-yourself methods leave behind soapy, stick residue that actually attracts more dirt and stains. But Chem-Dry has developed a better way. 

Our specially formulated solution is green certified, eco-friendly, and uses a small fraction of the moisture on your furniture. We remove any sticky residue already on your upholstery fibers and won’t leave any behind moving forward. 

#4 – Furniture dries faster with Chem-Dry.

Because we use significantly less moisture in the upholstery cleaning process, your furniture can dry much faster—in a matter of hours, not days—compared to other methods. 

#5 – Chem-Dry upholstery cleaning is eco-friendly.

Chem-Dry services are green certified and eco-friendly. This is not only a plus for your home, but for the Lafayette community as well. 

Furniture Cleaning In Battle Ground 

Chem-Dry offers nothing less than the best furniture cleaning service money can buy throughout the Battle Ground area. We look forward to serving you!

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