couch cleaning in lafayette

The couch is one of the dirtiest items in most homes, yet it’s often the last thing we remember to clean.

Does this really matter? And if so, how often should you really have your couch professionally cleaned?

The Dangers Of Uncleaned Upholstery

how to clean couches and upholsteryCouches and other upholstery trap whatever makes its way into your home—everything from dirt and bacteria to allergens and toxic chemicals. And these contaminants don’t just stay on your furniture. They’re transferred to bodies and into the air, you breathe.

This is especially concerning considering how infrequently most have us even vacuum our couches—let alone have them professionally cleaned.

These health risks are even more concerning if there are pets in the home, as the risk of exposure to bacteria and allergens is even higher.

How Often You Should Have Your Furniture Cleaned

Bottom line, even when your couch appears clean, it’s probably packed with a lot of nasty things that can cause a variety of health concerns and respiratory issues.

To keep these hazards under control, it’s important to stay on top of spot cleaning and vacuuming, and also not neglect your professional cleanings.

A solid rule of thumb is to clean your upholstery every 6 to 12 months—or about twice each year. If you have pets in the home, it’s wise to up that frequency to about every 4 months, especially if your dog sheds or spends a lot of time indoors.

Upholstery Cleaning In West Lafayette, Indiana

Keep up with your routine maintenance and spot cleaning, then leave the professional cleanings to Chem-Dry of Lafayette. We use non-toxic cleaning solutions and the power of carbonation to safely and powerfully clean your furniture—leaving it to dry in a matter of hours, not days like our competitors.

Why wait? Request an appointment for upholstery cleaning in Lafayette, Indiana today!