Three cheers for indoor plumbing and clean water! That’s such a great thing until a pipe breaks or the dishwasher floods or something gets backed up and water seeps all over your home.


Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Pipe Leaks or Bursts
  • Heavy Rainfall or Foundation Seepage
  • Broken Appliances
  • Toilet clogs
  • Sewage backup

Some water leaks can be repaired or even avoided with simple maintenance while others are just nature’s way of saying hello. Let’s go over some of the water damage situations we’ve seen over the years.

Pipe Leaks or Bursts

This is the most common reason for water damage in homes. Pipes get old and can sometimes just simply spring a leak. Sometimes that just means a little bit of dripping and other times it can cause a full rupture that quickly leads to soaked walls and ceilings. If you think that you might have a leaky pipe, don’t waste any time and call water damage restoration experts that can fix the situation in a hurry.

Heavy Rainfall

Even with the strongest of house foundations, heavy rain water or even a flooded sprinkler can create enough water pooling that will force water into your home. You may notice a corner of your living room carpet is soaked or there are water lines appearing around the baseboards. This is something you’ll want to fix ASAP before mold can grow.

Broken Appliances

Some home appliances are connected to the water main and may not be your best friend when they break. You’ll generally have the most trouble with dishwashers and washing machines. The good news is that most of this water flooding will happen where you can see it and can get on it quickly. Absorb as much water as possible and get an idea of the possible damage. Small spills clean up just fine but a larger leak will need professional assistance.

Toilet Clogs

This is a very common problem but it doesn’t usually lead to actual water damage. Most toilets won’t overfill past the bowl and you’ll have a chance to unclog it. On the other hand, as soon as it begins flooding, seek professional help. The water damage can be much harder to get rid of in these instances.

Sewage Backup

This may be one of the worst scenarios, depending on the damage. Often the water contains lots of contaminants and unsanitary agents, causing a serious health hazard. These causes are usually accompanied by bad odors, and can cause discomfort and even sickness.


water damage lafayette indianaThere are always new and frustrating ways that flooding could happen in your home. When it happens, act quickly and take the necessary steps to avoid long-term damage.

Make sure you:

  1. Remove your belongings from water damage areas
  2. Have the water extracted quickly
  3. Inspect for further damage