Elevate The Area Rugs In Your Home With These 9 Tips

Aug 15, 2023 | Area Rug Cleaning

room with cleaned area rug

Area rugs are both beautiful and functional pieces in the home. They can catch dirt and protect flooring, and also add warmth, texture, and color to tie the design of a room together. 

At Chem-Dry, we specialize in area rug cleaning in Battle Ground and West Lafayette. We’ve worked with rugs of every shape, size, and material. Each rug is just as unique as the person who owns it, and it’s our goal to make sure these textiles last and look their best for many years ahead. 

The importance of professional area rug clean in West Lafayette and Battle Ground can’t be overstated. In addition to professional cleanings, let’s take a look at how to help your rugs reach their full potential in your space. 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Area Rugs 

  • Choose the best scale for your rug based on the size of your room. And when in doubt, the larger the rug the better! Make sure the rug at least covers the full area under your furniture while leaving about a foot of space around the edge of the room. 
  • Utilize multiple rugs to separate large rooms into their own designated areas. And the rugs don’t have to match perfectly as long as they have similar tones! Have fun with it and mix different materials, patterns, and textures. 
  • Is there a rug you love that’s too small for your space? Try layering a larger rug underneath. Stacking rugs is a popular design choice that can be unique and beautiful.
  • Don’t shy away from bold patterns and colors. You can keep the design grounded by just making sure the rug contains some of the accent colors in the room. 
  • Look for durable materials like jute, wool, or synthetic fibers in high traffic areas. 
  • Use small spaces like entryways and bathrooms as an opportunity for a more colorful, bold rug. 
  • Always place a liner or rug pad underneath your area rugs. Not only will it help keep the rug from slipping, can also add another layer of cushion and comfort. 
  • Rotate your rugs often to make sure they wear evenly and get a deep clean. 
  • Prioritize routine maintenance with professional area rug cleaning in Battle Ground and West Lafayette. Chem-Dry can help preserve the shape and vibrancy of your rugs. 

Area Rug Cleaning In Battle Ground And West Lafayette

The goal of our team is to help your rugs last and look their best year after year. We’re proud to provide a service you can count on to deliver the best results. 

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