Generally speaking, when you hear the words “carpet cleaning” you think of a classic steam cleaner. In this article you’ll learn that there’s a newer, better way.

The Better Approach to Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaners have been around since the 1960’s and 70’s and have made very few strides in improvement even after all these years. Thanks to these cleaners, carpets don’t get a real deep clean and sit soaked for too long. Fortunately, Chem-Dry came along and introduced a new, revolutionary, and natural process which harnesses the Power of Carbonation. The Power of Carbonation is a safer method that dries significantly quicker and results in healthier carpets, as compared to steam cleaners.  

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You may have seen club soda remove stains from a t-shirt. In very similar fashion,  Chem-Dry relies on the help of millions of tiny carbonated bubbles to gather up dirt, dust, and other allergens from deep within the carpet fibers. All these particles are lifted by the bubbles to the surface where they can easily be removed.  But the difference doesn’t just stop there! The carbonation process means we can use less water and be more environmentally conscious. Why not decrease the chance of mildew and bacteria growth? Start enjoying your fresh carpets within hours of cleaning, instead of days!

Breaking It Down

Are you still trying to decide which method is better? Okay, check this out. A third-party study found that Chem-Dry’s process removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery as well as 89% of all airborne bacteria! Those are some amazing results! You can finally really know how clean your carpets are! You should also know that we use a specially formulated cleaning solution called The Natural®. Just like the name suggests, it’s safe for your family and pets and contains no harsh chemicals. Some more facts – Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonation Extraction method vs. traditional steam cleaning:

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation Extraction)

Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Active carbonated cleaning solution
  • Inactive cleaning solution: just soap
  • No harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents
  • Harsh chemicals and detergents, excess soap
  • No sticky residue, no risk of resoiling
  • Leftover sticky soap residue attracts dirt
  • Carpets stay cleaner longer. Deep carbonation eliminates recurring stains
  • Soapy solution doesn’t penetrate deeply and leaves residue, promoting stain recurrence
  • Green Certified
  • No green certification
  • Short 1-2 hour dry times
  • Longer 1-2 day dry times
  • Uses ⅕ the amount of moisture as steam cleaning, better for your home & environment
  • Excessive water can cause mold/mildew growth

From now on, we hope that when you hear the words “carpet cleaning”, you’ll think of a newer, better, and safer way. Our friendly technicians at Chem-Dry of Lafayette will help you have a healthier home while being more environmentally conscious. Schedule your appointment online today or contact us with further questions!