Remove Pet Urine Odors From Carpet With These 3 Simple Methods

Jan 16, 2023 | Pet Urine Removal Treatment

pet urine removal

pet urine removal

Pets are a joy to have in the home! And their messes, while often inevitable, can be manageable and stress-free when you have the right methods in your toolbelt. 

Chem-Dry specializes in Pet Urine Removal Treatment in Battle Ground—the proven way to eliminate pet stains and odors forever! It’s beneficial to implement this service in your home on a regular basis. 

Additionally, here are some go-to ways to treat stains and odors between our visits. 

3 Ways To Treat Pet Stains And Odors

  • Make your own cleaning solution. Do-it-yourself cleaning solutions are a favorite for many people—both for the cost saving benefits as well as using clean, simple ingredients. As you apply the solution, test a small area of your carpet first. Also be sure to avoid oversaturating the area. Instead, apply a small amount at a time and repeat as needed until the stain is gone. 

Some of our favorites are a combination of vinegar over the stain and baking soda sprinkled on top, dishwashing detergent combined with lukewarm water, ammonia and warm water, or hydrogen peroxide, warm water, and dish soap in a spray bottle. 

  • Keep a store-bought cleaning solution on hand. For quick treatments, always have a non-toxic pet formula stain remover on hand. Spot Shot, Resolve, or OxiClean are a few examples. Again, remember to apply a little bit at a time to avoid oversaturation or leaving behind dirt-attracting residue.
  • Be consistent with professional cleanings. Remember that keeping up with pet stains is an ongoing task, and most do-it-yourself methods only remove surface stains. Pet urine penetrates deep into carpet fibers, padding, backing, and sometimes hard flooring, leaving behind potent odor crystals when it dries that will continue permeating odors through the home. 

Chem-Dry blasts away odor crystals at the source with P.U.R.T. in Battle Ground, eliminating odors for good. 

Pet Urine Removal Treatment In Battle Ground 

Say goodbye to lingering pet odors with help from Chem-Dry. Schedule your appointment for pet urine removal treatment in Battle Ground at least annually, or more as needed. 

Contact Chem-Dry today to get started with your next P.U.R.T. service in Battle Ground!