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Unexpected water damage situations can happen to anyone.

That’s what makes it unexpected.

You don’t have to live on the coast or on a flood plain to suffer from water damage. All it takes is a leaky pipe or a bad rainstorm in West Lafayette, and you’ve got major water damage to your carpets and the floor underneath. Luckily, at Chem-Dry of Lafayette, we’ve seen it all and we’re prepared to tackle almost any water or flooding issues. Our techs are experts in water damage restoration. Act quickly before things get out of hand and give our professionals in West Lafayette a call! We will handle things quickly and effectively.


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When water is allowed to settle in your West Lafayette home, it can cause serious damage to furnishings, walls, floors, and ceilings. It’s widely accepted that any water damage to your home or business within 48-72 hours before mold growth starts. Chem-Dry of Lafayette’s professionals can keep a problem from becoming a disaster. If you’re suffering from a flood problem or need a water damage restoration service in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Dayton, Battle Ground, Clarks Hill, Romney, or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate!

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Water Damage Services

Did you know that excessive moisture in your carpets in West Lafayette can lead to other issues down the road? These include cracks in foundations and damage to structural supports, lowering your homes air quality, promoting the growth of mold and bacteria, and necessitating expensive repairs to your floor, carpet, or other possessions. Let us inspect and detect the source of the problem and discuss with you some of your options and the best solution for you. We promise to take care of your home and family. We go to great lengths to find the most complete solutions for restoring water damaged surfaces in West Lafayette, so that you can get back to enjoying your safe and healthy home sooner.